Kelsie Coleman

Imperfect Christian


Currently a Head Start teacher and mentor, Kelsie is passionate about being active in youth ministry, spreading love, wisdom, encouragement, and laughs to others. 

Kelsie loves God, and her family means the world to her!  


She aspires to travel the world working for herself, being an encouragement, and spreading love to others with words of wisdom, poems, one on one talks, etc. 

Kelsie Coleman is a first time author of the poetry book Chapter 24: Her Heart. She loved, read, admired, studied, and wrote poetry since 4th grade. English was always her favorite and strongest subject! Her poetry was always kept in journals to express herself and to free her mind. However, at the age of 24 she decided to share her gift, thoughts, and poems with the world. Her hometown is Danville, IL. Kelsie is willing to travel to perform poetry, to do motivational speaking, and to talk about Chapter 24:Her Heart.