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Her Epiphany

I had this wall up to keep my heart protected 

For years I fought the fear of being rejected 

Passing up opportunities to stretch and grow 

I only went for the goals that were close

Though my faith in God was strong 

The pace of self-confidence was slow

Yet on the inside was a desire for more

From increase of knowledge, wisdom, happiness and love to purpose filled interactions that propelled me forward! 

Epiphany took place day and night 

If I wanted to grow I had to let a lot go

So one by one I bid them a due, confronting each situation and excepting its truth 

I stopped talking myself out of dreams and started planning how I would reach them 

Began reminding myself that it was a new season 

Walking by faith and not by sight 

I let my mustard seed faith be my guide 

Standing toe to toe with doubts

Looking insecurity in its eye 

Deciding to square my shoulders and get over each small hurdle as I moved on 

I realized that I was the one holding me back all along! 

Black Queen

“She was more sleep on herself than he ever was”


The Awakening

“Lack of sleep brought forth beautiful words on her pages...For she was, is, and always will be.... a poet”